Polish Schools and COVID-19

The local Polish Schools in Bellevue and Seattle are adapting to the difficulties created by the pandemic with their school year starting around mid-September. There is also a recommendation for an online school in Poland.

Szkoła Polska im. Ks. J. Twardowskiego w Bellevue
The School will have all the classes online, which is the same way the classes where conducted from March to June because of the pandemic. Normally the school accepts children from the kindergarten to the 8th grade.  However, there will be no registration for the kindergarten students this year. The first day of school will be on Wednesday September 16, 2020.

Szkoła Polska im. J. Słowackiego w Seattle 
The School will have all classes online. There will be no in-person registration eather – to register please contact school officials listed below. The first day of school will be: Saturday, September 19 at 10 am for children, Tuesday, September 22 for adult beginners and Monday September 21 for other adults.

Recommendations for online sites
If you are interested in online education that is closely following the official curriculum of elementary schools in Poland, a local Seattle parent with a Polish speaking child and experience using the site recommends Polinijka.edu.pl. The Consulate General from Vancouver, BC recommends the following sites for children fluent in Polish: www.pistacja.tv with free video lessons on match and chemistry and www.poluni.org for children 6-13 years old with extensions program covering subjects from biology and math to electronics, architecture and robotics.

More: For Polish School in Bellevue, please contact Anna Cholewinska at [email protected]; For Polish School in Seattle, please contact principal Maria Grabowska or Anna Babcock. For for more info on recommendations please visit the recommended sites.