UW Courses Accessible to the Public in Winter

The winter quarter at the University of Washington brings again courses that can draw people interested in Polish language and culture. As usual, seniors 60+ can register to listen to these courses for a token fee (in range of $10)  through the UW Access Program. Notable courses include:

  • Second-year Polish with instructor Krystyna Untersteiner; the course is design to reinforce the basic grasp of language enlarge vocabulary and command of grammatical patterns beyond the sentence level.
  • Ways of Feeling: Expressions of Emotions Languages and Cultures by Prof. Katarzyna Dziwirek; the course examines the meaning and form of emotion words in different languages, facial expressions, cultural attitudes to emotion and emotional behavior, and gender-specific emotional expression.
  • The Other Europe: Post World War II East-European Fiction by Prof. Gordana Crnković; the course covers works by Polish, Czech, Yugoslav, post-Yugoslav, Hungarian, and Baltic writers created during and after the communist era, both in Eastern European countries and in exile.

More: Registration for the current quarter through the Access Program opened on January 6, 2021; the registration window ends on January 20, 2021.