AD: Polish Home Dining Room Opens

The Polish Home Association decided to open the dining room at the Polish Cultural Center on Friday nights starting on March 5, 2021.  It will open under the new chef, Anna Horodetska and a new name “Marmolada”. The capacity is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions for spacing etc. to below 25%; however, an online  reservation system is available to help with avoiding the lines. The menu is also limited for now, but your favorites such as borscht with uszkas,  pierogi and kielbasa dishes and homemade cakes are there! There is also a pick up option for people who cannot make a reservation or prefer to play it safe.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the Polish Cultural Center returning to a more normal footing in the spring!

More: To make a reservation or to make a pickup order please visit the Polish Home kitchen website