Call For Videos: Polish Festival Seattle 2021

Polish Festival Seattle will have a livestream video on the Festival day, July 10, 2021 showcasing traditional Polish costumes along with dance, music and other activities. We invite members of the Seattle Polish community and also our PNW neighbors to submit short videos that go along with this summer’s costume theme or just show off your being Polish!

So don your favorite Polish folk costume, a noble / szlachta costume or a magnate costume sparkling with all these gemstones, shoot a video and send it in!

Need some inspiration for a Polish action video? …

  • Read a Polish story to kids,
  • tell a story about your Polish family or community,
  • sing a favorite song by a campfire,
  • play an instrument under the stars, 
  • show a craft or other activity in a field,
  • create an art installation with a Polish theme…

Deadline for submissions is May 30, 2021. For more information and submission form, please visit Polish Festival Seattle 2021 Video Submissions page.

More: Polish Festival Seattle website, or contact Alisa Lahti at [email protected] or 206-499-5367 with questions.