No Consular Visits To Seattle Anytime Soon

The Consulate General of Poland in Los Angeles does not plan a passport visit to Seattle before or during summer 2021; the program to visit different cities has been suspended since spring 2020. A consular visit in the fall is a possibility, but it’s not decided yet – it would come to pass only if the pandemic situation improved further and it was safe to travel for the consular staff.

Hence, for the next several months the only practical way to submit a passport application is to travel to LA to file an application in person. Currently you cannot drive to Vancouver from Seattle; flying is possible but there quarantine regulations in place so going to Los Angeles is a better option now.

To schedule a visit in LA, use the online reservation system System Zdalnej Rejestracji (

If you are desperate, you can fly to Poland with the Polish LOT Airlines even with an expired Polish passport. Please see this article for more info how to do that.

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