Kamila Kanczugowski Is the New Chef at the Polish Cultural Center

Kamila Kanczugowski, the well known and liked chef in the Polish community, accepted a new position at the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski; for now it is on a temporary basis. She has already started, so you can drop by to enjoy your favorite Polish dishes right away.

Kamila is mostly known from Sebi’s Bistro in Seattle, which has been the Kanczugowski family business since 2013, renown for it’s Polish and European cuisine. Kamila is not only famous for her Polish dishes, she is a regular chef with a degree in culinary arts.

Kamila for many years had a concession stand at the Seattle Center Armory building. After watching many of the biggest ethnic festivals there, she started a drive to present the Polish Festival at the Seattle Center. That happened finally in 2012 and today she is recognized as a co-founder of the Polish Festival Seattle.

Welcome, Kamila!

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