AD: PHA Board of Trustees Election Endorsement

Dear PHA Members,

We would like to encourage all PHA Members to participate in 2022 elections and to attend PHA annual meeting on Sunday, January 30, 2022. All eligible PHA Members should have received the Election Pamphlet, voting ballots and instructions how to cast your votes. You can vote by mail using the prepaid envelops included in your election mail and please remember to mail you ballots by January 22nd if you are voting by mail. You can attend the annual meeting in person on Sunday January 30th , cast your vote and enjoy free dinner at our dining hall.

The PHA Board of Trustees endorses the following candidates for the PHA Officers positions for 2022.

  1. Erik Lidzbarski  –  President
  2. Jola Paliswiat  –  Senior Vice-President
  3. Roman Rogalski – Treasurer
  4. Lidka Jasklowski  –  VP of Financial Planning
  5. Gigia Domanski – VP of Facilities and Remodeling
  6. Paulina Phung – VP of Cultural Events
  7. Halina Cewe   – VP of Entertainment and Special Events
  8. Magdalena Wysocka – Correspondence Secretary
  9. Adriana Olewska – Recording Secretary.

We are looking forward to the Board of Trustees and PHA Officers  working together for the benefit of all PHA  members in this new year of 2022. Hope to see you at the Annual Metting and thank you for your continuing support.

John Golubiec

President, PHA Board of Trustees