AD: Polish School’s Ukrainian Medical Fundraiser Continued

Update: The fundraiser gathered 10 boxes of medical supplies, military first aid kits, solar powered chargers etc. by the end of April for the next humanitarian airlift from Seattle.

Please donate medical supplies for Ukraine from the school’s Amazon wish list! This fundraiser is running till the end of April.

The Polish School in Bellevue organized a fundraiser “Pomagamy Ukrainie” for Ukraine relief as a teaching moment for the kids and ended up on a local TV. Q13 Fox ran a video-clip on prime-time news on Wednesday, March 30, and there is also a nice write up on their website. The clip can be viewed on the same page. The principal Anna Cholewinska and parent Joanna Millick are featured in the clip.

The school has collected humanitarian aid items such as trauma kits, emergency blankets, bandages, first aid medications and emergency food rations. The gathered boxes have been included in the airlift transport that went to Lublin, Poland to be transported to Ukraine.

More: Q13 Fox news item, also check the school Facebook page for more info on this fundraiser (in Polish)