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The Ka’au Crater-did you know there is a crater above Honolulu? Neither did I! The incredible jungle hike, stream and waterfalls are just the prelude to the vistas above the crater. The Ka’au Crater is a mini Ngorongoro Crater minus giraffes, elephants and zebras-Sir David Attenborough would have been impressed.

Looming high above Honolulu are The Koʻolau Range Mountains-mysterious, yet secretive. It is an incredible daily spectacle of light, shadows and rolling clouds. Early in the morning and during the evening hours the scenery mesmerizes even the most demanding spectator. After hiking and climbing around the world for over 30 years, I would have never thought that two of the local hikes be on my TOP 10 Worldwide list

The incredibly scenic Haiku Stairs to Heaven (yes, there is a legal way!) It is almost impossible to detach yourself from the stairs, there are so many angles to take photos, one can spend countless hours absorbing the landscape around.

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