Natasza Caban’s American Bike Trek

Update: Natasza is now expected in Seattle at the beginning of October. Local Polish bikers and fans prepare a welcome for her. If you are interested in meeting Natasza etc. please contact Krzysztof at [email protected].

World traveler Natasza Caban has started her motorcycle tour of the America’s. After gaining fame for sailing solo around the world, Natasza’s goal for the first leg of this new journey 12 yrs in the making is to ride across the US then journey from Alaska to Tiera Del Fuego, covering 15 countries and 39000 km. Following the crossing of the America’s, Natasza will send the bike back to Poland to set off on a tour of Asia covering 24 countries and 28000 km. The last leg of this amazing journey will be a tour of the African continent spanning 23 countries and 26000 km.

Natasza arrived in Chicago in June. After spending some time familiarizing herself with US highways and getting the bike ready, she took off towards Alaska on June 19th and has now arrived in Montana after hitting the Dakota Badlands and Yellowstone. She will likely be in Seattle in the next few weeks.

Natasza rides as a volunteer for Empowering Children Foundation and Between Heaven and Earth Foundation. The former has been protecting children in Poland from violence and abuse for 30yrs while the latter helps support grievously ill polish children and their families. Fans can show support by donating to these charities. Everyone is also welcome to ride part of the way with Natasza.

You can read her travel blog here: