Polish Parliamentary Election Results

As everybody knows by now, the opposition has won the elections in Poland. Below are local results of the elections at the Seattle polling station.

In Seattle, 711 voters cast their votes, which is a record and about double from the last elections; participation was 91.84% of registered voters. The parties and coalitions received the following share of votes to Sejm:

  • KO – 48.70%
  • PiS – 17.10%
  • Nowa Lewica – 15.00%
  • Trzecia Droga – 11.40%
  • Konfederacja – 6.60%
  • Others – 0%

This is the first time PiS was trounced locally. Official results from the Seattle polling station can be found here.

In the Senate voting, opposition candidate Adam Bodnar received 78% votes against Alicja Zebrowska who received 22%.

More: official overall results can be found here.