Łukasz Ojdana Solo at Jazztopad Festival

Łukasz Ojdana Solo at Jazztopad Festival

The outstanding Polish jazz pianist and composer Łukasz Ojdana will present his solo album Kurpian Songs & Meditations, an exploration and blending of jazz with traditional music of the ethnic region of Kurpie in Poland. This concert is a part of Great Improvisations series online presented by the Jazztopad Festival in partnership with Polish Cultural Institute New York.

Łukasz Ojdana’s jazz resume includes three years with the Tomasz Stańko quartet and an earlier stint with the Zbigniew Namysłowski quintet. He has released ten albums with jazz music and is known mostly for performances with the RBB group.

The album has been inspired by the traditional melodies of the Kurpie region in northern Poland, a region with a strong and distinct ethnic identity, culture and language, and music that follows differently tuned scales.

More: about the concert and the Kurpie inspirations at the Polish Cultural Institute website

This free concert streams from Polish Music Center USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles and Lincoln Center in New York.