Young Polanie Dance Group Looks For Talent: Kids, Teenagers and Young Adults

Young Polanie Dance Group Looks For Talent: Kids, Teenagers and Young Adults

The Young Polanie Dance Group is coming out from the pandemic hibernation and looks for new talent in all age groups: kids, teenagers and young adults.

The Young Polanie / Młodzi Polanie group has been a proud part of the Polish community of Seattle for almost fifty years and had passed the test of time. The group cultivates authentic Polish culture through dance and music.

Under Barbara Strutynski’s leadership, it has been a dance ensemble where children and teenagers could learn Polish folk dances and songs. The group was performing far and wide, and venues included Seattle International Children Festival and Folklife Festival. There was also a related children theatre group also run by Barbara Strutynski.

We are happy to announce ‘Młodzi Polanie’ is back and is restarting “z przytupem” (with a bang) as one could say. The group is rebooting itself with the indomitable volcano of energy, Paulina Phung at the helm. Dance instructor Maciej Smusz, who started the drive for the adult folk dance group in Seattle a year ago had to return to Utah, but we hope he would be back in Seattle soon.

A team of volunteers has been working to plan a safe experience in face of the pandemic. Due to the covid limitations, the group is going to rehearse outdoors. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times. Participants’ temperature will be checked. Additionally, all newcomers should fill in the waver form here.

It is necessary that we all are aware of the rules and keep each other safe. Only people who filled up the form will be able to join the class.


  • To wear a face mask
  • Bring water
  • Bring comfortable shoes
  • No jewellery
  • Tie your hair up if necessary

It is a community event and everyone is invited, no age or skill limitations. Bring your family and friends. We hope to create a passionate multigenerational group to represent Polish culture at various local events. No previous experience needed. We will start slowly and hopefully, make it fun for everyone to learn. Traditional Polish dances are diverse and playful, and best of all… absolutely everyone can learn the steps. We will start with polonez, waltz and krakowiak.

More: please contact Paulina or visit Mlodzi Polanie facebook page


Starts On

March 28, 2021 - 1:00 pm

Ends On

3:00 pm

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Children, Music, Polish Traditions