Andrzej Munk Retrospective

Andrzej Munk Retrospective
Bad luck / Zezowate szczęscie starring Bogumił Kobiela

The Polish Cultural Institute New York and the Film at the Lincoln Center present a virtual retrospective of movies directed by Andrzej Munk (1921-1961). Munk, with his incisive mind and wry humor has created a cannon of feature movies that were as important to Polish Film School movement of the late 1950s as Adrzej Wajda’s. All movies have been newly restored for modern viewing.

The retrospective brings the following films:

  • Destination – Nowa Huta! / Kierunek – Nowa Huta (1951, 13′) – documentary
  • The Men of the Blue Cross / Błękitny krzyż (1955, 56′) – docudrama
  • Man on the Tracks / Człowiek na torze (1957, 82′) – Rashomon style drama
  • Eroica (1957, 80′) – a wry comment on Polish heroism based on two short stories, a farce and a drama
  • A Walk in the Old City of Warsaw / Spacerek staromiejski (1958, 18′) – a musical etude on the title theme
  • Bad Luck / Zezowate szczeście (1960, 109′) – an acerbic satire and a really funny comedy on Polish fate and opportunism
  • Passenger / Pasażerka (1961-63, 59′) – a drama about the WWII long shadow

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