Studying Poland with Professors Davies and Frost

Studying Poland with Professors Davies and Frost

The Kosciuszko Foundation online programs present a webinar Sixty Years of Studying Poland – a conversation between Prof. Norman Davies and Prof. Robert Frost, with introductory remarks and Q&A by Alex Storozynski, former Kosciuszko Foundation president.

The Kosciuszko Foundation is excited to partner with the Project on Poland Past and Present to bring you Studying Poland Today – a new webinar series aiming to promote a broad vision of both Poland’s heritage and of Polish Studies in English-speaking universities. Join us for the series’ first episode featuring distinguished scholars and specialists in Polish history Professors Norman Davies and Robert Frost as they discuss Sixty Years of Studying Poland.

Norman Davies became a historian of Poland by accident but has transformed the way that Polish history is written. An iconoclast by nature, he has challenged stereotypes and comfortable assumptions across six decades, insisting on viewing the past from unusual angles. His restless quest to understand and explain the past has led him to write on many aspects of history, but he has always returned to the history of Poland, its peoples, and their complex and ever-changing relations with the world. In this webinar, Robert Frost, who studied for his doctorate under Norman, explores with him his career as a historian, his inspirations, his enthusiasms, and his views on Poland and the writing of its history.

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September 23, 2021 - 9:00 am

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10:30 am

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