Perspectives of Poland

Perspectives of Poland

The Kosciuszko Foundation Online Programs present the panel discussion Perspective of Poland that is part of Studying Poland Today series.

This seminar discusses issues that appear continually to bother many Poles, whether living in Poland or elsewhere. Why, for instance, do many Poles seem disappointed that Poland does not play a greater role in the world?  Is their disappointment justified? Do Poles in fact have a realistic view of Poland’s place in the world? How are Poland and the Poles viewed by others?  How does the non-Polish world engage with Poland? Do Poland and the Poles suffer from a ‘bad press’ internationally? Do Poles living outside Poland ever experience any kind of discrimination? Given that so many Poles live outside Poland what does it mean to be Polish?

A panel consisting of translator Jaroslaw Garlinski, assistant professor specializing in film and media Paulina Duda, Ph.D., and business layer Marian Kornilowicz, Esq. will try to respond to these and other questions relating to Polish identity.

The Studying Poland Today talk series is presented jointly by the Kosciuszko Foundation and the Project on Poland Past and Present. Its purpose is to raise the level of general and expert knowledge about Poland in foreign countries and, in particular, to strengthen Polish Studies in the universities of the English-speaking world.

The webinar is free and open to the public. Spots are limited. Registration is required.

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January 20, 2022 - 9:00 am

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10:30 am

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