30th Seattle Polish Film Festival

30th Seattle Polish Film Festival

The Seattle Polish Film Festival is back! The festival turns thirty this year, as it was created in 1992 by Michal Friedrich and Tom Podl with the help of Christopher Kamyszew and the Polish Film Festival in America in Chicago. This is the second oldest Polish film festival in the United States, after the Chicago festival.

This year screening will be as usual at the SIFF Cinema Uptown and at the SIFF Film Center. The preliminary program announced the following movies:

  • Leave No Traces / Żeby nie było śladów (2021, 154′) dir. by P. Matuszyński, the Grzegorz Przemyk story
  • Back Then / Zupa nic (2021, 154′), dir. by Kinga Dębska, satire on Communist Poland
  • Girls To Buy / Dziewczyny z Dubaju (2021, 146′)), dir. by Maria Sadowska, dramat sensacyjny
  • Black Sheep / Czarna Owca (2021, 107′), dir. by Aleksander Pietrzak, family drama / comedy

The festival is produced by the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association.

Volunteers needed! As usual, SPFF looks for volunteers to help with the festival

More: SPFF website