Ukrainian Nativity Play “Vertep” in Redmond

Ukrainian Nativity Play “Vertep” in Redmond

The Ukrainian community of Seattle presents the Ukrainian Nativity Play “Vertep Travels Through Ukraine” with support of several local Ukrainian folk groups and organizations as well as the Polish Choir and a Kirkland ballet studio as guests. This performance has been directed and produced by Maryna Volovyk.

The performers include the Ukrainian folk-dance ensemble “Barvinok”, the Choir from the Our Lady of Zarvanycia Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Seattle and about ninety children from the Ukrainian school “Vyriy”, the Ukrainian preschool “Sportscare Academy” and the Ukrainian scouts from “Plast-Seattle” branch. The guest performers include the Polish Choir “Vivat Musica!” and the ballet studio “Karin Kirkland School of Dance”.

Ukrainian Nativity plays are integral part of Christmas traditions with roots in a nativity puppet theater called “vertep”; in that, vertep has similar roots as the Polish “szopka” (Christams creche) traditions.

Due to the complicated history of the Ukrainian nation, the vertep has preserved different traditions in different parts of Ukraine. Hence, the performance is also a symbolical travel through different regions of Ukraine and showcasing the authentic traditions of celebrating Christmas there.

At this precarious time for Ukraine fighting a brutal war of Russian aggression, Christmas hope and miracles also reflect the hopes for miracles of the Ukrainian nation for victory and peace. Hence this event is also a fundraiser for Ukraine. Funds collected from the sale of tickets, raffle, baking sales, and at the fair selling children’s works during the event will be transferred to the needs of the military and civilians who suffered as a result of the Russian invasion.

This event is mostly in Ukrainian. The event program will include a concise translation into English. This event is sponsored by the Ukrainian Association of the Washington State.

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