Michal Pietrzyk’s New Movie “Between the Rains”

Michal Pietrzyk’s New Movie “Between the Rains”

Michal Pietrzyk, the local director and producer of the award-winning documentary “All on a Mardi Gras Day” has produced a new outstanding documentary in Africa, now showing in Seattle.

SIFF presents the feature documentary film “Between the Rains” (83′), Executive Produced by Michal Pietrzyk, and directed by Andrew Harrison Brown and Moses Thuranira. Filmed over 4 years, this visually stunning documentary is a coming-of-age story of a tribal boy in a traditional Kenyan culture that is suffering the effects of climate extinction. The movie won the Best Documentary Feature and Best Cinematography awards at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

More: Tickets and more information are available at SIFF’s link here.


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October 11, 2023 - 5:00 pm

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6:30 pm



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