Ethnic Minorities in Polish Lands

Ethnic Minorities in Polish Lands

The Jagiellonian Law Society and the Kosciuszko Foundation present a webinar Ethnic Minorities in Polish Lands by Prof. Marek Dziekan and Dr. Maria Kobielska. This is the first of a series of webinar on dealing with various ethnic minorities that have lived or are living in “Polish lands.”

Poland is home to many ethnic minority groups, such as Tatars, Kashubians, Boikos, Lemkos, Roma, Jewish people, to name a few. All of these groups have fascinating cultures, histories, and complex interactions with the Polish majority. The goal of the initiative is to support true scholarship, to deepen the understanding of the past, and to help build bridges between peoples of various cultures, views, and continents. To that effect, several known Polish scholars were invited to give a series of talks on ethnic minorities, their history, the changing definitions of what it means to be “Polish” or to be a considered to be member of a “minority” group, and to understand the socio-political and legal situation of these various groups over time.

The series’ first webinar will feature a prominent Polish scholar of Arab and Tatar cultures, Prof. Marek, Dean at the University of Lodz, and Dr. Maria Kobielska of the Jagiellonian University discussing the changing definitions of “Polishness” and ethnic identity issues over the Poland’s history.

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November 4, 2020 - 9:00 am

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