AD: Order Polish Festival T-Shirts & Hoodies

The T-shirts are here! Polish Festival Seattle has a virtual program this year, but you can order a nice festival T-shirt or a hoodie regardless. And the 2021 designs are really nice, so go for it!

This year the design features our roosters in festive Polish costume patterns! Please consider supporting Polish Festival Seattle by purchasing a 2021 t-shirt or hoodie! Select your style, color and size and it will be shipped directly to you. Unisex, women’s and kids styles. Our initial campaign will end soon but we will open a new one soon after so you won’t miss out.

To order, please visit: The price is $24.99, the festival receives about $8 for each T-shirt sold. T-shirts come in batches: orders filed by a Thursday are shipped on next week Friday. The bonfire website indicates when the next batch would be shipped. You can submit order till the end of July.

More: Polish Festival Seattle website