UW Courses Accessible to the Public in Spring 2023

The spring quarter at the University of Washington starts soon and people who are interested in Polish language and culture can find courses suitable for them.  State residents aged 60+ are allowed to audit one or two university courses per quarter on a space-available basis through the UW Access Program.

Notable courses with Polish touch include:

  • First-Year Polish with Krystyna Untersteiner; the course focuses on oral communications in basic everyday situations.
  • Community, Gender, Politics: Food in Polish Contemporary Art with Dr. Agata Stronciwilk (Fulbright Scholar); in this course selected aspects of Polish culture and society will be discussed through the lens of food and art. The course will allow students to recognize and raise knowledge about the most influential Polish artists of the second half of the 20th and of the 21st century (such as Jerzy Bereś, Alina Szapocznikow, Natalia LL, Maria Pinińska-Bereś and more).
  • Literature and Film: In Search of the Lost Past with Prof. Gordana Crnković; students will discuss literary works in dialogue with chosen films to see how the two forms of art approach the same subject. Class readings consist of novels of Bohumil Hrabal, Aleksandar Hemon and Tadeusz Borowski. Films to watch include movies directed by István Szabó, Vinko Brešan, Veljko Bulajić, Paweł Pawlikowski.
  • Introduction to Global Literature: Literary Genres Across time and Place with Prof. Piotr Florczyk; students will immerse themselves in the reading of poems in order to learn how poems are made and received.

More: Registration for the spring quarter through the Access Program begins on March 29 (online Registration Form started on February 28) and will last till April 11. 

by AK