Polonez Parcel Service Out of Business

For many years, Polonez Parcel Service has had a local outlet in Fife sending packages to Poland at low prices; it has been quite popular within our community. Apparently, the company went out of business abruptly about two weeks ago with no warning to their agents. Now, the company is incommunicado and the local agent, Bozena Zajac, is doing her best trying to help clients to track their packages that are in transit.

Below is a statement from Bozena. She can be reached at (253) 216-6187.

DOMA Export / Polonez Parcel Service shut down

Recently, DOMA Export / Polonez Parcel Service in New Jersey shut down their business without any previous notification to its agents and clients. The company used to ship packages and resettlement property from USA to Poland. The situation has affected smaller companies that cooperated with Polonez and their customers. Lawsuit against the company was filed on March 16th, see FUSION FUNDING v POLONEZ PARCEL SERVICE LLC et al (unicourt.com).

In Seattle, Bozena Zajac deals with the consequences of the DOMA Export / Polonez Parcel Service shut down. She tried to contact Polonez representatives but there was no response. Now she tracks down the packages sent through the company and makes sure that they all get delivered.

She managed to reach Rob Movshin – ex-Vice President Operations at International Package Shipping (company that owns DOMA Export/Polonez Parcel Service) and learned what happened with packages left in Linden, NJ storehouse. According to the newest information, packages from Linden were taken by Dompak company to send them to Poland.

To check if a package is handled by Dompak, go to the Dompak website Dompak inc. – Jesteśmy lepsi ! and put tracking number received from Bozena Zajac or generated online to “Track your package” field.

Packages that arrived in Poland could be collected personally from Karex company in Częstochowa. If the package must be delivered to addressees, then a fee could be applied. Everyone interested must contact Karex individually. Here is the contact information: telephone +48 34 365-91-15 (9:00 -15:00 Polish time), Email: [email protected], website: KAREX

More information about collecting packages from Karex: Wiadomość od firmy Karex z Polski dotycząca paczek z Poloneza/Domy – Radio RAMPA

Additionally, there is an information that 6 containers are waiting in Hamburg and 6 more are on the way to Europe. Bozena tries to confirm that notice. She will contact her clients about their packages as soon as she receives information about packages’ locations.

More information about DOMA Export / Polonez Parcel Service problems: DOMA Export / POLONEZ Parcel Service “w kryzysie” – Radio RAMPA

More: Bozena Zajac can be reached at (253) 568-6887

by AK