Shifting Political Landscapes In Europe: Poland’s Role

Shifting Political Landscapes In Europe: Poland’s Role

Update: you can now watch this webinar on the FIU zoom channel here (it starts at 0:00:30 sec of the recording).

The American Institute of Polish Culture in Miami (AIPC) and Florida International University (FIU) present the second webinar that is part of the Blanka Rosenstiel Lecture Series on Poland Shifting Political Landscapes in Europe: Poland’s Role. The keynote speaker is the renowned historian and best-selling author, Norman Davies, PhD; Polish Ambassador Piotr Wilczek will deliver the opening remarks.

The past decade has been a tumultuous period in Europe. From Brexit to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the controversy over immigration and the COVID-19 pandemic, the political landscape in Europe has undergone major challenges. Poland’s emergence as a major player in Europe has coincided with concern about democratic backsliding on the Continent. Where is Europe heading? And what will Poland’s place be in it?

Professor Norman Davies, currently a Honorary Fellow at St. Anthony’s at Oxford, UK, is a great friend of Poland with an intimate knowledge of Polish history.  He established his reputation with the book God’s Playground: a History of Poland (1981) that was a revelation to many, including your editor. He subsequently wrote many book on Polish and European history, including Heart of Europe: the Past in Poland’s Present (1984), Rising ’44: the Battle for Warsaw (2003), and Vanished Kingdoms: the History of Half-forgotten Europe (2013)

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