Women in Polish Jewish History

Women in Polish Jewish History

UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee invites you to a lecture Women and the Writing of Polish Jewish History before the Holocaust by Prof. Natalia Aleksiun-Madrzak. The lecture discusses social and cultural backgrounds of Polish Jewish female historians and their contributions as a minority historians, public intellectuals and Jewish women finding their place during interwar period in Poland, 1918-1939.

Dr. Aleksiun-Madrzak is a Professor of Modern Jewish History at the Touro College in New York, with a doctorate from the Warsaw University about the Zionist movement in Poland from 1944 to1950 and another doctorate from the New York University about Jewish historians in Poland between the two World Wars.

More: detailed info about the lecture at the UW PSEC website.

This lecture is on Zoom, you need to register here to obtain a link to the Zoom meeting.


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November 18, 2020 - 7:00 pm

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8:30 pm

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