Polish Book Club: “Baśń o wężowym sercu”

Polish Book Club: “Baśń o wężowym sercu”

The book for the meeting is “Baśń o wężowym sercu albo wtóre słowo o Jakóbie Szeli” by Radek Rak. Mr. Rak, 33 and by profession a veterinarian practicing in Kraków, started by publishing fantasy short stories and novels. His previous novel, Puste niebo won the Juliusz Zuławski Literature Award. Baśń … brought him the top honor of  the Polish literary scene: the 2020 Nike Award.

The book has been praised for creating a magic space between the myth and history by evoking folk legends and their enchanting language and being loosely based on the ethnic mosaic and the bloody peasant uprising in the 19 c. provincial world of the Polish Galicia region.

More: about the book and the author (PL), szkice o zwycięzcach (PL)

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January 22, 2021 - 6:00 pm

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7:30 pm

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