Anti-Gender Politics And Right-Wing Populism in Poland

Anti-Gender Politics And Right-Wing Populism in Poland

This event was rescheduled from February 10, 2021.

The UW Henry Jackson School of International Studies presents a lecture Anti-Gender Politics And Right-Wing Populism in Poland by Elżbieta Korolczuk. Dr. Korolczuk is an Associate Professor of sociology at the Södertörn University in Stockholm and American Studies Center at Warsaw University.

The European Union has set impressive standards on gender equality, providing legal frameworks for equal pay, investing in work/life balance and childcare, and allowing for positive action to advance equal treatment of women across member states. At the same time, Europe witnesses considerable backlash from anti-gender activists and rightwing reactionary movements, calling into question gender equality as a core norm of European democracies. This lecture series investigates actors, institutions, and policies in the area of gender in Eastern and Western Europe, the Baltics, and on the EU level.

The event is part of the 4-part lecture series covering gender politics in Poland, Latvia, France and the European Union.

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