King Sigismund Augustus’s Love Story

King Sigismund Augustus’s Love Story

The Kosciuszko Foundation online programs presents a meet-the-author talk Barbara & Augustus – A Renaissance Love Story and the Upheaval It Caused by Jeffrey Prince. He will talk about his recently completed manuscript In the Matter of the King’s Marriage, which brings the Golden Age of Poland to life for an American audience.

The Renaissance in Poland generated fascinating tales of love and intrigue that have been retold and reinterpreted in each succeeding age—but almost always in Polish. Jeff Prince’s retelling of the true love story of King Sigismund II Augustus and Barbara Radziwiłł in English and for an American audience has produced a novel that is both true to the historical record and a reinterpretation for our times. When it is published, it will bring renewed and deserved attention to the Golden Age of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania.

More: KF online page with the program, about Sigismund II Augustus

This is a free public event.


Starts On

April 29, 2021 - 8:00 am

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9:30 am

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Book, History