Update on Recent Fundraisers

There has been several fundraisers for Ukraine that our local Polish communities have been involved with; this is an update for the recent ones.

  • The dinner and auction with Gov. Jay Inslee at the Polish Cultural Center on April 22 raised over $55,000 for the Ukrainian Association of Washington State
  • The Polish Fundraiser to Support Ukraine run by the Seattle Polish Foundation raised over $53,000 as of 5/6. More info in the above article
  • The Polish School in Bellevue has gathered over 10 boxes of medical supplies, military first aid kits, solar powered chargers etc. by end of April for the next airlift from Seattle (this was the second such fundraiser organized by the school).
  • Magdalena’s Bistro & Creperie in Belingham, WA organized Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine Drive; 10 U-Haul trucks with medical supplies etc. have been sent, also over $23,000 dollars wired or donated to different orgs
  • Lacey – Mińsk Mazowiecki Sister City Association in Lacey, WA has raised over $9,800 and wired it to Mińsk Maz. City Council to support Ukrainian refugees
  • Camas Sister City Organization in Camas, WA has received over $15,000 in donations for Ukrainian refugees and wired the money to its three sister cities in Poland: Morawica, Krapkowice and Zabierzów, $5,000 to each city.

Other recent fundraisers include

  • The 2022 GiveBig campaign raised over $7,000 for the Polish community projects. This includes direct donations to SPF. You can donate to this fundraiser till the end of the month
  • The Culinary Workshop’s fundraiser Adventures in Polish Cooking on 4/23 raised about $950 for the benefit of the Polish Festival Seattle